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Moose Creek Trails was founded in 2002 with the intension to provide a quality trail experience for the local residents. We started out with only two hiking trails. Soon there after, more trails were added so that we could have a wider diversity of trail types to meet most types of trail users. Moose Creek Trails now has nine trails which are used for hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. Moose Creek Trails is home to a wide diversity of animals including moose and bear. During the evening hours, deer can usually be spotted throughout the property at our new feeding block. Whether your taking a daytime excursion or an afternoon bike ride, we have trails suitable for every outdoor activity.


Deer Feeding Block

Here is the deer feeding block containing a special mix of yeast cultures. See the Blue Seal website for more details.



A deer that frequently visit the property. Throughout the winter months, many sets of deer tracks can be found on the trails.



A big black bear that is a frequent guest feasting on the bird feeders throughout the property. Normally bears are out at night; however, this bear was seen on Aug. 6, 2011 having "breakfast" at about 6:15am and the sunrise for this date was at 5:43am.




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