Blue Jay Path:

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PlywoodBefore PlywoodAfter

Before (left image), water was running onto the trail causing a wet spot right in the middle of the trail. A small culvert (right image) was installed to divert water across and away from the trail. The existing water spot made it difficult to mountain bike, cross country ski or snowshoe. During a snow event, this part of the trail would remain uncovered. The culvert and graded base gravel mixture provide an easy crossing for water and eliminate the mud and lack of snow cover.


LargeCulvertBefore LargeCulvertAfter

Before (left image), the white small culvert installed fixed the problem of water collecting on the trail. The larger diameter (black) culvert from PJ Currier Lumber Company was a better solution because leaves and other debris would not clog the culvert and cause water to erode the trail bed that consists of a graded base gravel mixture. Most leaves can freely flow through the culvert without impeding the flow rate. However, the leaves that collect near the ends of the culvert are cleaned out on a regular basis to prevent major erosion of the trail.



A view of Blue Jay path just past the kiosk.



The kiosk constructed of scrap wood and shingles that were left over from previous projects. In the near future, an enclosure will be constructed to weather proof the bulletin board on the kiosk.


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