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Revised January 2015.

Snow Emergency:

A snow emergency is declared when inclement weather is expected to affect Moose Creek Trails and the affecting area. It is imperative that the trails not be used during a snow emergency because snow and ice could be falling from the trees and may result in injury. Secondly, we like to insure that the maximum amount of snow can fall on the trails to ensure that the best cross country ski tracks can be made for your enjoyment. Lastly, vehicles can't be parked along the town maintained roads because it prevents the Road Agent from plowing and clearing the roads after it snows. A new snow ordinance has been established by the Town of Brookline and State of NH.

Trail Usage:

Moose Creek Trails is open to hikers, mountain bikers, snowshoe's, and cross country skiers. There is no charge for using our trails. Visitors are asked to respect the trails and leave nothing but footprints. Upon completion of your visit, trash and other items brought in need to be removed. Moose Creek Trails is not responsible for any injury or damage to personal property while using our trails.

Trail Map:

Trail maps can be downloaded and printed from this website or retrieved in the office.

Trail Map

Birch Hill Regional Map

These maps require Adobe Reader for viewing.

Hours of Operation:

Moose Creek Trails is open 365 days of the year during fair weather from dawn to dusk. Trail usage during night hours is only allowed when there is a full moon in the sky.  When using our trails at night, we suggest bringing a flashlight since there are rocks, roots, sticks, etc. present on the ground. See the weather sticker below for current conditions, sunrise and sunset times. The trails can't be used at any other times during the night time hours except when there is a full moon. Using the trails on moonless nights will be considered trespassing and the Brookline Police Department may take notice.

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Moose Creek Trails prohibits hunting. The safety of our visitors and wildlife is our #1 priority. The boundary of Moose Creek Trails is marked by orange blazes and "private" signs. Choosing to hunt on the property will result in legal action by Moose Creek Trails as well as the Brookline Police Department.


Smoking is never allowed anywhere in Moose Creek Trails.  The act of smoking proposes a threat for wildfires to start. If you are caught smoking, you will be asked to leave and never return (you will be considered trespassing).

Smokey the Bear


Moose Creek Trails has one camping area with a picnic table that can be rented out at no charge.  It is reserved on a first come, first serve basis.  When camping, we suggest securing any food and/or personal property so it doesn't get taken by unwanted visitors.  We don't have any on site electricity or running water so it is your responsibility to provide anything you need for camping.  Remember, any trash must be removed from the camping area prior to your departure.  For more information or reservations, please contact us.

Fires and Burning:

Moose Creek Trails does allow small fires for camping purposes only.  Any other use of fire is prohibited.  Clear any debris from the area before lighting your fire.  Any burning activity must also follow all rules of the Brookline Fire Department.  Their website clearly explains the burning rules and regulations.

Motorized Vehicles:

Motorized vehicles are not allowed anywhere in Moose Creek Trails. Our trails are not wide enough to accommodate them and the Murphy Trail and part of Moose Creek Trail is too wet for Motorized vehicles.

Location & Directions:

For additional information on our location, please feel free to contact us.

Use this link to download the rules and guidelines as a PDF file.

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